Before agreeing on the equipment for any event, our specialist sound engineers at Focus are consulted. They decide on the ideal audio arrangement to optimize the impact of your event whether it is a small and intimate wedding, a business conference of international languages, or a full scale outdoor rock concert.

  • Crest Audio 8001/4801 Amplifiers
  • Equalizers / Effect Processors
  • Aphex, BSS, DBX, Drawmer, Focusrite, Eventide, Lake Contour , Lexicon, Orban, Roland, TC Electronics, Yamaha, XTA.
  • LabGruppen fP Series
  • Pyramix by Merging
  • Denon
  • Tascam
  • Mackie
  • DK Audio
  • Genelec
  • Shure, AKG, Sennheiser, Countryman, Neumann
  • Wireless/cable/clip-on/headset/ podium/goose neck/soundcatcher
  • Cadac S-Type 2 x 24 Channels
  • DiGiCo D5 Live 112 Channels
  • Soundcraft (V Series, MH Series) 40 Channels
  • Yamaha PM Series 40/48 Channels
  • Crest Audio 40 Channels Consoles (LM, VX, GTX and GT Series)
  • DiGiCo D1 Live FMX
  • Allen&Heath Consoles
  • Mackie Consoles
  • Soundcraft (V series, MH Series) 40 channel
  • Yamaha PM 5000 Series
  • Yamaha PM 4000 Series
  • Mixer DiGiCo D5 Live FMX
  • Mixer DiGiCo D1 Live FMX
  • SR Custom 3 Way System
  • SR Custom Subwoofer
  • SR Custom BiAmp Wedges Monitor
  • Eastern Acoustic Works KF760 Line Array Speaker System
  • Eastern Acoustic Works KF761 Line Array Speaker System
  • Monitor by RCF ART 500
  • RCF
  • Genelec Studio Monitor Series
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